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Number of pages (A4):

- Conductor score: 8 pages (including the lyrics page)

- Vocal score: 6 pages (including the lyrics page)

- Glockenspiel separated part: 1 page

Christmas Overture
Arrangement for SAB choir accompagnied (French lyrics)

Conductor score
1 unit · 3.80€ (incl. taxes)

Glockenspiel separated part
1 unit · 1.00€ (incl. taxes)

Vocal Score
1 unit · 1.80€ (incl. taxes)

Vocal Score
10 units or more · 1.50€/score (incl. taxes)

**Ensembles must purchase a score for each member of the choir.**

Quick Details

Format:Digital sheet music
Composer:Anthony Sylvestre
Instrumentation:SAB choir, glockenspiel, optional sleigh bells
Lyrics Begin:"Voici Décembre, tout est blanc dans les contrées..."
Genre:Christmas/21st century
Publisher:Asturia Music
Release date:2017